Single Tooth Replacement (Crowns)

Single Tooth Replacement (Crowns)A dental implant is by far the best way to replace a missing tooth. Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth do not need to be ground down to support a bridge. The new tooth looks and feels just like (or better than) the tooth it replaced.

Fixed Bridges (Non-Removable)

Fixed Bridges (Non-Removable)When several teeth in a row are missing, they can be replaced by a bridge anchored to implants. An implant is not needed for each tooth being replaced. Three or four teeth can be replaced with just two dental implants for support.This is less expensive than placing an individual implant for each tooth being replaced. Dental implants are strong and can support the biting forces of several teeth when they are anchored together.

Bridges/Partials (Removable)

Bridges/Partials (Removable)

A top and bottom view of a lower partial denture replacing all the back teethheld in by two implants (no clasps)

When many, but not all, teeth are missing a removable partial denture supported by implants can be made. This eliminates the metal clasps associated with partial dentures. Many teeth can be replaced with a minimum number of implants, thus reducing costs. The implants prevent the partial denture from moving around or coming loose. The remaining teeth are protected because the partial denture does not clasp on them with wires.

A top and bottom view of a lower partial denture replacing all the back teeth held in by two implants (no clasps).

Implant Dentures (Removable)

Implant Dentures (Removable)Complete dentures are difficult to wear, at best. Implants can be used underneath removable dentures to eliminate many of the problems associated with denture wear.

In the upper denture, most people complain about having the palate of their mouth covered, thus decreasing the ability to feel and taste food. Four implants under an upper denture hold it securely so that the size of the plate can be reduced, removing the palate from the denture altogether.

The lower denture is more difficult to wear than the upper (there is no suction to hold it in place). It constantly moves, presses on the gums, and has to be held in by the cheeks and tongue. Just two implants under a lower denture improve it so much that it makes for some of our happiest patients!

The improved ability to chew is one of the biggest benefits patients report. Since the dentures anchor on the implants instead of resting on the gums, they allow patients to bite much harder with no discomfort. Another benefit – no messy adhesives!

Implant Dentures (Non-Removable)

Implant Dentures (Non-Removable)For people who don’t want to take their dentures out every day, non-removable implant supported dentures may be an option.

This treatment requires more implants than a removable implant denture. The denture is screwed onto the implants. The final result is a much more natural feeling set of new teeth. Normal chewing forces are completely restored, and you never have to take your teeth out!

Full Mouth Treatment

Full Mouth TreatmentAn entire mouth can be rebuilt using dental implants to support replacement teeth. The most natural results are achieved when a beautiful porcelain crown and bridge treatment is used in conjunction with precise implant placement. Usually, 6-8 implants on the upper and 4-6 implants on the lower are used to support an entire set of porcelain teeth.

The teeth are cemented or screwed in and they look and feel just like real teeth.

Mini Implants

Mini implants are similar to regular implants but are smaller, often less than 2mm in diameter. They are used most often when there is inadequate width of bone to place standard sized implants.

The direct placement of mini implants through the gum with no incision allows for a minimally invasive procedure. Most patients experience immediate results and can often eat their first meal within a few hours.

Mini implants can effectively serve as long term support for dentures. They also can be used to support crowns on very narrow tooth spaces. At The Dental Implant Center, we are proud to offer mini implants as part of our restorative services. Please call today to set up a consultation to find out if mini implants are right for you.