How Painful are Dental Implants?

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After 25 years of treating dental implant patients I continue to be astounded at how little pain is involved in the process. A simple dental implant or two has become so routine that many of our patients go back to work the same day. We encourage people to take the rest of the day off but often times their schedules do not allow this post-operative course.

For other patients needing more complex procedures like extractions and bone grafts the post-operative discomfort can be more severe. However, more often than not, patients report much less pain than they anticipated. Even with the more complex procedures, when patients follow the post-operative instructions and take the first dose or two of pain medication it is normal for them to feel good by the next day, or two.

We offer IV Sedation for patients that have anxiety. When a patient has IV Sedation we can give them a steroid as part of the IV fluid. This really helps with post-operative discomfort and swelling. For any procedure that has a high likelihood of swelling and discomfort we encourage our patients to allow us to perform IV Sedation.

The fear of pain should not prevent a patient from receiving dental implant treatment. Ask us during your consultation which approach is best suited for you.